Coloured a profile of two million South Africans

Coloured a profile of two million South Africans is my pictorial titled after a book by AJ Venter written in 1974.Much of the written text intrigued me but i felt a visual aspect is very important which the book failed to produce.The historical background of Coloured  people intrigued me and i wanted to always explore the topic more and understand the complexity of race and being casted in this box.The question that really arose my interest in learning more about coloured people was asked when someone said “Wie is jy” (Who are you).The story that i would like to relay is the history of the people,the complexity of racial identification and our way forward in grasping the bad,the good and the ugly.I also disliked the projection that all people of mixed racial descent are the product of rape.Im interested in discovering and connecting the black,white and often left out grey aspects.Often when traveling i found that i could navigate between various identities,i often found that people also stereotyped what Africans should “look” like and that propelled me to start telling the story of my history and what better way than starting with the visual aspect.As you navigate on this url you’ll find people of vast hues,hair textures,facial features that all allows us to recognize our differences but at the same time connect us through a common family line.I often felt the world is so obsessed with Black and White that it often discards people’s culture,their language and most importantly the uniqueness of each individual.What do you get when you compact the slaves from Indonesia,Malaysia,Madagascar,Mozambique,Khoi,San,Xhosa,European,India,China etc…Beautiful Human Beings


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